The Faccia Luna Story


On January 13, 1989, Faccia Luna, an American trattoria, opened its first 120 seat restaurant at 2400 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Washington, DC.  On December 5, 1991, Faccia Luna opened a 90 seat restaurant in State College, PA.  On October 17, 1992, Faccia Luna opened a 122 seat restaurant in the Clarendon section of Arlington, VA.  On November 13, 1996, Faccia Luna opened a 122 seat restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria, VA.  All restaurants are located in urban neighborhood settings ith a large walk-in clientele.  This is the market Faccia Luna seeks and this is the market that drives the look of the concept.

Faccia Luna is a collaboration between two Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity brothers at Penn State, Bill McFadden and Joe Corey.  Bill McFadden started the concept in Bellefonte, PA, when he introduced pizza to his recently purchased restaurant, the Hofbrau House.  It is there that he pioneered the concept of an urban, upscale pizzeria different from those offered by the major chains and the typical mom and pop corner shops.  The Hofbrau had high leather booths, wood paneling and other amenities found in neighborhood restaurants and served as the working prototype.  When Joe Corey approached Bill in 1988 to open a pizza restaurant in an urban, Washington, DC neighborhood (Glover Park), both were of the same mind in the desire to open a pizzeria that looked more like an urban trattoria than the tired, red-checkered oil clothed, Chianti bottle with a candle, corner pizzeria.

Faccia Luna is an urban, upscale pizzeria.  Our restaurants are urban trattorias specializing in wood-fired pizzas (gas-fired in Arlington), fresh pasta, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. Our chefs hail from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. Faccia Luna also boasts an excellent Italian estate-bottled wine list and a wide variety of bottled and tap American microbrews.

Faccia Luna specializes in quality, and the operating principle of the company is that "you can always upgrade." Faccia Luna has never been accused of compromising its commitment to quality.

The commitment to quality, coupled with an upscale, urban design has made Faccia Luna a natural fit in neighborhood settings. The visual warmth and comfort is accomplished by an open kitchen, as well as the use of earthy Tuscan colors, cherry and maple woodwork and 20's and 30's-era black-and-white photographs.

The setting, although casual, has an air of understated sophistication. As a result, Faccia Luna is a great "first date" destination and a sentimental favorite. A number of its customers (at least five that we know of) who had their first date at Faccia Luna have returned to the restaurant to pop the question. Two have had their wedding receptions at Faccia Luna. It truly is a neighborhood hangout. Faccia Luna also supports its neighborhood schools, civic associations and other community groups.

We look forward to meeting you!

"The setting, although casual, has an air of understated sophistication."